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  1. photo of N_Flames, Male


    20, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    I'm fresh out of high school and will be attending csm this fall for business administration. I like to work out in my spare time. I enjoy football as well (Brett Favre IS the best qb). I'll try anything once. I'm a kinky minded person.
    Looking Description: A girl who is honest with herself as well as others. I like a slight dominant personality too. Passive girls can be boring. A wild side wouldn't hurt either. Anyone feel free to hit me up.

  2. photo of mikez244, Male


    22, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    im twenty four years old six foot one brown hair brown eyes medium build kinda laid back looking for something new and exciting just recentlly out of a six year relationship and looking to spice things back up with someone that can bring out my wild side
    Looking Description: im open to all walks of life almost all i like all diffrent kinds of peple you cant judge a book by the cover you have to get to now some one before you can say she isnt right for you

  3. photo of Alienduck, Male


    26, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    Hey there, Well most would say I'm kind, fun. caring, and just a pleasure to be around. I play rec. Softball at Standard Park 2-3 times a week and I'll do it 'til i physically can't. I'm pretty random at times, I'll take a road trip on weekends cause I get bored. I'm in construction which basically means My nights are free and my weekends are open. I'm not too picky when it comes down to a woman. Just need to find a girl thats interested in me.

  4. photo of SoundQ, Male


    22, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    Fun, looking to experience new things, like sports and a good movie. I will like to keep this hush as nobody knows I like guys, so I would like to just visit at late hours at night only..
    Looking Description: A guy looking for a good time that will teach me what he likes..I am new at this and I am willing to learn. I just basically want a guy with no strings attached that will use me and I would use him as well

  5. photo of bungalowz, Male


    22, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    I love to draw as well as longboard. Art is very interesting to me, especially from a historical stand point. I'm 18, just got done with school, and want to move onto the next part of my life. Hopefully I'll get into a good college and major in fine arts, but for now I'm going to work. For the most part, I try to be nice to everyone. Open mindedness is a prospect I try to stick to. But, I suppose we're all naive just a little. Get to know me, I'm pretty easy to get a long with. I am pretty blunt sometimes though. So, if I say something that seems offensive if we ever meet in person, chances are it's not offend. I'm likely just stating what it's like on the other side of the wall.

  6. photo of Syngate666, Male


    24, Male, spain, search Within 10km of Barcelona

    i'm fun and outgoing, Like to watch movies have fun with friends and play the guitar. just jam with my buddies and all that jazz, i dunno i guess thats all good
    Looking Description: some who like to chill and relax and enjoy thedays and night we share. i like big guys and fine girls . guys i like some chubbiness .