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  1. photo of Syngate666, Male


    25, Male, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    i'm fun and outgoing, Like to watch movies have fun with friends and play the guitar. just jam with my buddies and all that jazz, i dunno i guess thats all good
    Looking Description: some who like to chill and relax and enjoy thedays and night we share. i like big guys and fine girls . guys i like some chubbiness .

  2. photo of coorsgirl11, Female


    29, Female, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    Hi! Im very outgoing and love to meet new people and try new things. I would think its safe to say that i am a very likable person and can get along with pretty much anyone. I have been a non-stop party girl for sometime now and decided that maybe *sigh* i should get back into the dating deal. I love being with someone , however this time i decided i should give the ladies a chance. I always have wondered what it would be like to be with a girl and i have finally let that urge take me over. i really am on here to meet new people so dont be afraid to hit me up. I am very unique and even though i know how to go out and get wild i do have a Very Good Head on my shoulders. Well enough for now, want to know anything just ask.

  3. photo of annabell18, Female


    29, Female, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    I am a 18 year old sarcastic odd ball! I am Fun loving, funny, and really have many moods It is hard to describe tha all! I have no idea how my life will turn out now but I knwo that in the future I will be a special education teacher! I love to go to the moutians, but do not like camping or fishing! I can bear it but do not like to! I actually hate it! But I willdo it if I have to! I am 5'5, Blonde with Black cake layers and green eyes! I am not really a girl guys drool over! Actually I the one they coem to when they are drooling! I am truly just one of the guys most of the time and I truly like it that way! i love to play hockey! I have had amny accidnts in this sport but I will always get up and play some more!

  4. photo of cute_n_sweet_89, Female


    34, Female, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    Hey guys my name is Halley...Im soon to be 19 years old and I just finished my first year of college. I am very easy going, but can be very passionate as well. I am very sweet and love to have a great time. I love the outdoors...some say im an adrenaline junkie but I also like those nights just cuddling on the couch.
    Looking Description: My ideal partner is one that is not afraid to tell me how he's feeling. I love a guy that knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. I want a guy that can keep up with my active lifestyle but also push me to do other things as well. I want a sweet guy that loves to have fun , but isn't afraid to show his soft romantic side

  5. photo of springaudrey, Female


    22, Female, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    I always wanted to be cared and to be loved. I don't care who you are but what really means to me is how you show you care. In my lonely times i would rather spent time in my bed covered my eyes with pillow and cry if i have to. Actually, i'm tired of being this way..... but i want to change and i don't know how. Would you have a chance of making me smile though my heart cries? If you can... take a chance of getting to know me and i will make myself worth to talk to. I'm new to this so please take care of me.

  6. photo of johnny193, Male


    22, Male, netherlands, search Within 10km of Utrecht

    im a athletic loveable sweet caring guy im sensitive shy but i also have a funny side to me basically i like commement just the thought of someone being there and someone i might have a sucessful realationship with makes me smile. im african american im about 5'10 umm preety fit if i dont say so. i like just hanging out out doors and mabe seeing a good movie or working out for fun. my hobbies and basketball and reading a good book every once in a wile